As the authoritative 24/7 news, data and events provider, CoinDesk Inc’s mission is to inform, educate and connect the global crypto community, chronicling the technology’s development and creating forums for critical discussions.

CoinDesk is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (“DCG”). DCG invests in cryptocurrencies and has ownership stakes in a number of blockchain startups, listed here.

Since being acquired by DCG in January 2016, CoinDesk has operated independently from the parent company. We work in separate offices and maintain strict policies on editorial independence and transparency, described below.

No members of DCG have oversight or influence on editorial operations. Further, CoinDesk staff members do not possess non-public knowledge of DCG’s ownership or trading positions and we do not provide advice or advance information to DCG regarding our editorial content.

Readers should be aware that to the extent our content affects the trading volume or value of cryptocurrencies discussed on our site, those effects may impact DCG’s investment results.

We strive for utmost fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible reporting, whether reporting original news or in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources.

The editorial team will cover news with impartiality and integrity, without influence of CoinDesk’s owner or its investors.

All editorial team members and freelance writers for CoinDesk are required to disclose any investments or outside activities associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

CoinDesk does not accept payment in return for publishing news articles, features or product reviews. Neither do we pay for tips or access to sources.

CoinDesk, as an organization, does not take positions on the economic value on any given cryptocurrency or blockchain project, though our outside opinion contributors may express their own views on such matters.

CoinDesk employees are not restricted from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based projects as investments.

However, CoinDesk maintains disclosure guidelines that all contributors must follow when reporting on cryptocurrencies or tokens in which they are invested.

These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated.

CoinDesk earns money through events, research and advertising.

The company does not trade or invest in the cryptocurrency markets. The company does not own or hold positions in any cryptocurrencies, nor is it active in any cryptocurrency markets.

CoinDesk accepts payment in bitcoin across its product lines. However, we work with bitcoin payment processors to instantly convert those funds to US dollars.

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